COVID19: Hunger kills 2 Nigerian Contractors as members cry out for nonpayment

  • The National Nigeria Contractors Forum has bemoaned the unjustifiable delay in payment of arrears. It could be recalled that in December 2019, the Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Finance approved and ordered payments to all contractors. The group expressed dissatisfaction and wondered why those responsible for the payments have turned a deaf ear to this direction.

In a chat with the National Public Relation Officer of the Forum, Chief Beneath Ikpeama disclosed to our reporter that the undue delay in payment of Contractors has put contractors into stern financial crises and collapsing their companies.
However, it is discovered that some of the members accessed loans from bank in other to execute the projects and currently, the financially institutions are already on them. They lamented that their situation is getting worst following the seat at home order from His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari and other state governors as they wondered how they could survive considering the fact that they were already leaving on debts before the pandemic Covid 19 invaded the country. According to Chief Ikpeama, “our staff are seriously on our neck, they are even not concerned if we ourselves are also not paid. We have exhausted every explanation we could give to them. Our families are already dying in hunger. We appeal to those concerned as a matter of urgency to make the necessary payments. We want the Federal Government to put mechanisms in place to compel those delaying our due payments to do so before it gets out of hand” he said.

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