A WORD OF CAUTION: America is a one-way ticket to perpetual illusion, an advice to those longing for greener pastures in a strange land.


By A.Emeribe

America is marketed to the world as the land of opportunity, it gives exceedingly high hopes, rewards and fulfillment to those with the will power and guts to pursue their dreams, but ultimately takes back every element of your existence and guarantees to alter your future in a very unique way. Knowing the facts before you migrate from the comfort of your home land is the key to avoiding an eventual heartbreak: as long as you maintain permanent residence in a foreign land, you will always be homesick; if you raise a family in America, the next generation will not return to your home land; you will never return to the familiar status and culture you were passionately accustomed to; the relationship with your significant other will be different from that of your parents and invariably will mirror that of your adopted country; after the second generation, your lineage will completely assimilate to the prevailing culture of your adopted country, given that America is a melting pot; the wealth you so vigorously toiled for all your life – your mansions, land holding and investments in your home land will be disposed of or forgotten once you go to be with your forefathers; your relatives will inherit your palatial country home and your share of the family holding when you transition; be warned that your child is sure to forgo their birth right, and will never return to continue the family relationship without you guidance; finally, the mantras, endless procrastination and endless planning on how best to retire in your village will not come to fruition, but will preoccupy much of thought once you turn 60. The only way to minimize this rat chase and potential distress is to avoid the temptation of abandoning your home land for greener pastures in the first, but if you must, avoid raising the next generation in a foreign soil. Work smart and hard, accumulate the best of what America offers, and return to your home land before your old age. For the politicians who have ruined and looted their country and intending to run to the safety of better managed western communities, don’t worry, you will be humbled on arrival as commoners. 😂 Good luck 🍀

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